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A photo of masked Hokie students standing in the John S. Moody Plaza at Virginia Tech. Photo by Ryan young for Virginia Tech.

Jumping students

For currently enrolled VT students

The regular application process for current students will open on Tuesday, January 4 2022 and close on January 20, 2022.

The following programs are still accepting applications:

  • Aurora
  • Galileo & Hypatia*
  • GenerationOne
  • Hillcrest
  • Honors Residential Commons
  • Impact
  • Lavender House
  • Leadership and Social Change Residential College
  • Meraki
  • Mozaiko
  • Orion*
  • The Residential College at West Ambler Johnston
  • Thrive
  • VIA

*Only students currently participating in these communities are considered.

How to Apply

Current Virginia Tech students are eligible to:

  • Apply to join a Living-Learning Program (LLP) for the first time
  • Apply to return to their current LLP
  • Apply to switch LLPs

Applications are located under the “LLP Returners” section of the StarRez Application Portal. Current students may apply for up to 2 Living-Learning Programs. Offers will be sent out on a rolling basis throughout the application window.

NOTE: Galileo, Hypatia, Orion, and Transfer Experience are not accepting applications from students not currently part of the program.

For incoming first-year students

The Living-Learning Program regular application process will open in January 2022.

How to Apply

Applications for Living-Learning Programs can be completed once an incoming student has accepted their offer of admission from Virginia Tech and paid the matriculation fee. At that time, a housing contract will be made available to eligible students. A component of the application is expressing interest and applying to Living-Learning Programs. Students may apply for up to three LLPs as part of the housing contract application in the StarRez Application Portal.

You can see a walkthrough of how to apply here.

Cycle #1: January 15 – January 31

  • Deadline: January 31
  • Notification: By February 1
  • Offer Expiration: February 15

Cycle #2: February 1 – February 21

  • Deadline: February 21
  • Notification: March 1
  • Offer Expiration: March 15

Cycle #3: February 22 – March 21

  • Deadline: March 21
  • Notification: April 1
  • Offer Expiration: April 15

Cycle #4: March 22 – April 21

  • Deadline: April 21
  • Notification: May 2
  • Offer Expiration: May 15

Cycle #5: April 22 – May 21

  • Deadline: May 21
  • Notification: June 1
  • Offer Expiration: June 15

Cycle #6: May 22-June 17

  • Deadline: June 17
  • Notification: June 24
  • Offer Expiration: June 30

Please review the dates for Notifications above. If you apply by the Cycle Deadline and do not receive a decision by the Notification date, please contact the Office of Living-Learning Programs at to determine your application status. Because each LLP reviews applications at different frequency please wait until the Notification Deadline before inquiring of your application status.

Please note, students are able and encouraged to apply before deadlines for each cycle. Students will not be able to apply to Living-Learning Programs after Friday, June 17, 2022 to allow time for room selection before the start of the fall term.

For transfer students

Fall 2022 applications for the Transfer Experience LLC will open in April.

How to Apply

Due to limited on-campus spots for transfer students, any transfer students seeking to live on campus must follow these steps:

  • Apply to the Transfer Experience LLC
    • Applications can be completed once an incoming transfer student has accepted their offer of admission from Virginia Tech and paid the matriculation fee. At that time, the application can be found in the StarRez Portal.
    • If accepted, you will receive a housing contract and are required to live in the Transfer Experience LLC designated location (Pritchard Hall).
  • If you do not want to apply to the Transfer Experience LLC, you can place your name on the housing waitlist.
    • If taken off the waitlist, you can apply to up to 3 LLPs other than Transfer Experience.
    • If you are not taken off the waitlist and not accepted to Transfer Experience, you will have to seek off-campus arrangements.

For any questions, please contact