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Galileo and Hypatia

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Hypatia LLC logo

Hypatia and Galileo are the living learning communities for engineering students. Both communities are directed by the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity office. 

Galileo LLC at Virginia Tech logo

Galileo LLC at Virginia Tech logo

Galileo and Hypatia bring together engineering students in a residential environment to provide encouragement and support in pursuing a career in engineering. Galileo (men) and Hypatia (women) are for first-year and first-time College of Engineering students with an interest in exploring engineering, making lasting friendships, and achieving academic success. Upper-division leaders live in the community to provide mentoring and community support.

These communities are designed to:

  • help you transition well from high school to college and start planning for your transition from college to career (it happens quicker than you realize!).
  • make a large university feel more like home.
  • explore areas of your professional development as an engineer with a focus on topics of diversity.

​Galileo and Hypatia are located in Hoge Hall. Galileo lives on the 6th and 7th floors, and Hypatia lives on the Ground, 1st, and 2nd floors. Floors 3-5 are mixed.

The majority of the students living in the communities are first-year students, but we also have a large team of upper class engineering students who live in the hall and serve as mentors and committee members.

Students commit to live in the community for one year at a time. Many students live in the community multiple years but most of the beds are reserved for first-year students. Click here to learn more!

For additional information, contact Program Director, Dr. DeAnna Katey, at or