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The Creativity and Innovation District Living-Learning Program is a radically new residential experience at Virginia Tech!

Located within the CID are three separate LLCs: Studio 72, Innovate,and Rhizome. These LLCs give you the chance to specialize on a particular theme, allow students to additionally attend programming and events through the Faculty Principal, Dr. Tim Baird, as well as have access to the physical amenities located in the building. Students can choose to be a part of one of these three communities by applying. Students who live in the building and are not a part of one of the three LLCs have a less specialized, broader experience.

A photo of the front of the CID LLC. Photo by Mary Desmond for Virginia Tech.
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This new residence hall is the cornerstone of our new Creativity and Innovation District, making the most of existing programs and facilities in the area. Here, students will benefit from a vibrant community where individuals working across disciplines come together, explore, and create.

For additional information, contact the CID Faculty Principal, Dr. Tim Baird, at