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In the Thrive Living-Learning Community, students will leverage their strengths to create a truly personalized, one-of-a-kind Virginia Tech experience. In a uniquely interactive environment, students will determine what it means for them to thrive and will benefit from opportunities that support their unique vision for themselves. To help them be successful in their vision, the community encourages students to have real conversations about their future.

A Community that Students Create With and For  Students

All students are welcome to become active members in the Thrive Living-Learning Community. Residents are involved in everyday decision-making in the community, driving individual and community goals. As a result, students learn transferrable skills and gain friends that know them personally and academically.

The Thrive Living-Learning Community is located in the newly renovated Pritchard Hall, which offers a number of resources including a tutoring center and the Living-Learning Center that is open to students from a variety of Living-Learning Communities. Students are encouraged to grow their support network, problem solve, and learn about additional opportunities available at Virginia Tech.

Thrive students will engage in activities and discussions designed to help them learn more about themselves, their unique definition of success, and how that definition interacts with the university environment and the world at large —  all in order to help students answer three critical questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is here for me at Virginia Tech?
  • How can I best thrive?

An Interdisciplinary Community Focused on Personal and Community Success

With a focus on the many pathways available to students, Thrive includes students and faculty across a variety of majors, interests, and outlooks. The conversations among students, resources, alumni and faculty are enhanced by a number of perspectives and students will have the opportunity to shape their future as they evolve throughout their time in the community.

For additional information, contact Program Director, Dr. Janet Hilder, at