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The Securitas Living-Learning Community is for human-centered innovators who will work across disciplines to build, manage and safeguard the cyber spaces of the future.

Securitas equips leaders with the skills and tactics to keep people safe online, in-person and in hybrid spaces.

Cochrane hall
Cochrane Hall

Located in Cochrane Hall, Securitas champions a broad vision of cybersecurity, and the kinds of people who can contribute. We are creative, curious, and civic-minded, with a genuine sense of community.

Within Securitas, we encourage and respect the multiple perspectives and diverse backgrounds needed to build, maintain, and critique emerging technologies and their impact.

Securitas is a Latin word that is closer to ‘freedom from care’ than the traditional view of locks and chains, or attack and defense. While technology is important, we explore an integrated security approach – thinking about the people, processes, and institutions around it. Our aspiration is that: our people do not need to worry about security, because we have built a space that is secure by design where they can just be themselves.

You! Students from all backgrounds are welcome, particularly those in the humanities and social sciences who want to learn about technology development, and technologists keen to explore social theory and impact. Securitas is for students who are curious, open-minded, interested in the impact of technology on the world, and looking for a career that fits their ethics.

  • Join an inviting, open space where members listen to, learn from, and respect one another.
  • Develop a broad understanding of what cybersecurity means and its everyday impact.
  • Tap into trainings, certifications, and other skill development tracks to open possibilities for your future.
  • Access academic support and campus resources designed to help you succeed.
  • Explore VT! You will meet academics and explore new departments as part of the program.

As a Securitas student, you are a part of a community that crosses disciplines, to complement your curriculum. While you are with us, you will develop skills such as communication, team work and leadership – key components in your professional (and personal) development. While these skills are critical to the cybersecurity sector, wherever you go and whatever you go on to do (and be great at!), being able to communicate to different audiences will help you stand out in a crowd. As a community we have weekly, student-led social events that include ‘fireside chats’ to learn from experts in the field. Every semester, we host a themed ‘hackathon’, a 24-hour event where students work together to build blue sky solutions to real world problems (you might know this as ‘rapid prototyping’). Securitas is an experiential learning opportunity that has been created to improve your academic outcomes and sense of wellbeing by giving you a place, and people, to call home. Securitas has been crafted to help you build confidence, develop hands-on skills, and learn something completely new. As part of the Securitas student cohort, you are will enroll in our class, ‘Cultivating Curiosity’, which introduces you to cybersecurity as a field, and the skills required to navigate spaces where people and technology meet and (often) compete.

I am a sophomore/junior/senior, can I join?

  • Yes! Students from any year can join Securitas as student members, with opportunities for advancement, including student affiliates, peer mentors, leaders.

I am a graduate student, can I join?

  • We are unable to house graduate students, so for the year 2024-25 we invite you to help us shape this program by joining the Securitas Graduate Advisory Cohort. You will be invited to attend the ‘Cultivating Curiosity’ class as well as all Securitas events. In addition, we will meet once a semester to focus on the needs of graduate students, and what you would like to see. Securitas will be multi-generational; we simply do not know what this looks like (yet).

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