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It takes a village to understand just what well-being is -- and what it means for you. Well-being can mean so many things to so many different people. Our programs and experiences encourage you to find out what it means to you and leave a part of yourself in it. Through fantastic partnerships across campus, students are supported by a variety of university departments throughout their journey.

Meraki (μεράκι) means the soul, creativity, or love put into something. In Greek, it is the essence of yourself put into your work. It is pronounced may – RAH – kee.

Meraki programming focuses on developing skills and ideas around your own personal well-being. In particular, Meraki courses focus on understanding yourself through the six dimensions of well-being (purpose, social, financial, community, physical, and emotional). Through interactive coursework, presentations, and programming, students will improve their techniques to take care of their own well-being, interpersonal communication skills, collaborative problem-solving, time management, and happiness. It is the student’s responsibility to take advantage of all of the exciting opportunities offered by engaging in the community.

Meraki is located in Payne Hall, which is a suite-style residence hall. Suites consist of four to six students (in double rooms) sharing a common living area and bathroom. There is also a new demonstration kitchen available on the first floor, which will be the setting for community events and cooking demonstrations.

Our vision for the Meraki LLC is to further develop and define the well-being culture at Virginia Tech. It is our hope that students will be compelled to stay in the community more than one year and continue in student leadership roles on campus as well-being ambassadors. As the program progresses, there will be opportunities for student mentorship. All students are encouraged to work together and enrich and build the emotional and community experience of Meraki. Therefore, it is important that applicants have a clear understanding that being a part of Meraki is more than just living in the same residence hall. Students are required to engage in the community in ways that require an investment.

Meraki students are expected to:

  • Enroll in the Well-Being course in both fall and spring semesters. The course will provide students new to the community with a place to explore the six dimensions of well-being, connect with campus partners, academic and professional support, and network with other students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • Participate in community activities that focus on developing your well-being through social community building, faculty involvement, and service learning events.

Please give these requirements careful consideration before applying to Meraki. Ensure that this journey to find yourself is the right fit for you!

Find yourself through Well-Being

In the Meraki Living-Learning Community (LLC), students will be encouraged to put their passion, creativity, and soul into finding themselves through well-being. No matter your starting point, we want you to join us on your well-being journey. In this positive and supportive environment, students will determine what it means for them to be well, explore the six dimensions of well-being, and develop lifelong skills to make Meraki more than just a saying but rather a lifestyle. By engaging with faculty, alumni, and campus resources, there will be a variety of experiences offered for students to continue to evolve their own understanding of well-being. We hope that students will embrace what they learn during their time in Meraki and share it with those in their networks, the communities, and beyond. Your well-being and self-discovery continues today, join us!

For more information or to ask a question, please contact Program Director Kevin Wogenrich at