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Digerati is an interdisciplinary living learning community located in Pritchard Hall for students with career interests in various aspects of information technology such as computer science, computer engineering, business information technology, and cyber security, among others.

Digerati is located in Pritchard Hall.

The community facilitates a climate of peer support designed to encourage students to be engaged in the academic, social, and career development aspects of college life. This collegial environment of peer support in Digerati extends to include collaborating faculty from various university departments, leaders from information technology companies, and community-based partners. This network of support will promote habits of both independence and interdependence as students grow as engaged scholars and emerging information technology professionals.

Digerati students are required to take first-year classes to learn and practice project management approaches commonly utilized in professional information technology environments and will gain certifications that are commonly held by IT professionals. Students will utilize professional project management practices as they collaborate on academic, career, outreach, and social experiences associated with the community. As such, the community will require students to actively participate in the aforementioned activities as they are intertwined with course-related content.

We invite students to join the Digerati family and experience an inclusive culture of support focused on the academic success, and the career preparation of emerging IT professionals.

For more information or to ask a question, please contact Program Director Perry D. Martin at