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The Arts Live Here.

The artist’s most creative work is made where they can explore their art freely.

What to expect

In Studio 72, our philosophy is that time and space to create art is the key to tapping into creativity. Here students come to understand the arts as essential to the human experience. As a member of this community, you can expect:

  • Exclusive access to performing and visual arts studio space in the Creativity and Innovation District, which will be the new home for Studio 72 in Fall 2021.
  • Hands-on workshops focused on trying new art forms.
  • To experience arts events on campus and in the town of Blacksburg with other members of the community.
  • To participate in weekly discussions about artistic process and critique of your peers' artwork.
  • To belong in a community of people who also create and love the arts.
Studio72 art critique session
Studio72 art critique session

Studio72 is open to all students regardless of major, academic year, gender identity, and artistic expertise. This community encourages creative approaches to problem solving, with an emphasis on collaborative art-making outside of the classroom. Students can participate in weekly critique session and semesterly arts showcase events, as well as hands-on making workshops with visiting artists, faculty, staff, and local artists. Whether it’s performance art, visual art, digital art, or somewhere in between, Studio 72 is a community where curiosity, innovation, imagination, and creating art are a way of life.

Studio72 Art Critique Session
Studio72 students collaborate and offer constructive criticism during a weekly art critique session in Pritchard Hall.

For additional information, contact Program Director, Matt Ebert, at