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Jack Waldon

Associate Director Living-Learning Programs

Jack Waldon serves as an Associate Director of Living-Learning Programs. In his role, Jack supports both our Residential Colleges and Living-Learning Programs through the supervision of our Program Coordinators, whilst collaborating closely with our Program Directors. Alongside Faculty Principals, Program Directors/Coordinators, and student leadership, Jack strives to develop communities were students can learn about the value of community, whilst developing the skills to make an impact on their Virginia Tech experience.

Jack earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from West Virginia Wesleyan College where he also competed as a student athlete for four years. Jack also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Appalachian State University. In previous roles Jack has served as the Associate Director of Residential Education at Muhlenberg College, Residence Life Coordinator at The University of South Florida, and as a Residence Director at Radford University.

Outside of work, Jack enjoys staying active, exploring nature, playing copious amounts of board games, and supporting his “Football” team Liverpool FC.

Jack hopes that students who join a Living-Learning learn to explore what community means to them, as well as exploring passions that they might have never been exposed to. Jack learnt a lot about himself during his own residential experience, and wants to be able to provide the same supportive environment for others as the challenge themselves as a young adult.